Beneficial Eating


We need water in our every day life to cook with, to clean with, to bathe in… and to DRINK.

The Daily recommendation of water intake is 8- 8oz cups .

This recommendation is in place so that our bodies don’t go deficient and becomes dehydrated.

Drinking water offers many benefits to our physical bodies.

Here are just 4 benefits that I have seen personally:

• Promotion of weight loss

• “Flushes” out toxins; cleanses the body of impurities

• Calms headaches, so that its not as loud ( room temperature water seems to do the trick for me)

• Prevents hangovers ( I actually learned this from a pro, sip in between takes)

So on that note:

Stay hydrated loves.


Wouldn’t want you to drown, jk 🙂

*fun fact*

Our bodies are made up of 60% water

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