Royale Palate

B N’ice

The Ever So Versatile Bananer.

I have a love/ hate relationship with 🍌. More love than hate these days.

Today, I’ve made smoothies. Last week, I made cupcakes and N’ice Cream.

Speaking of N’ice Cream..

Many people have their ways of making N’ice Cream

But all you need is…

Frozen Ripened Bananas and Dairy Free Milk

I tend to make mine a little different.

Here’s a little background:

One day, I was sitting home bored (as usual) wanting ice cream. I had frozen bananas but no DF milk, I had DF coffee creamer though .💡.

Banana N’ice Cream

  • Frozen ripened bananas
  • DF Coffee Creamer (Silk, Natural Bliss has a good one, etc)

Put them in a pro blender or food processor “And Blend Away” adding more liquid until you reach the desired consistency.

Put your contents in a bowl and enjoy!


** you can play with the flavors and toppings as well.

With such a beauteous day, I scooped some on a cone and topped with sprinKELs.


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