Beneficial Eating


We’ve heard the saying,

An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Well, is there any truth to that statement?

Well, I don’t know but it’s Uber Nutritious.

I like to call it a Super Food.

Just look at the facts of a large Apple-

There are so many varieties to chose from.

Granny Smith is the only one that comes to mind, being that Granny Smith is my actual G-Ma


Here are:

5 ways an 🍎 has benefited me.

  • Promotes Satiation ( it’s loaded with fiber)
  • Boosts Vitamin C intake
  • Aids in Detoxification ( Let your Soul Glo 💃)
  • Great Pre- Workout Snack
  • Healthier Teeth (this can just be in my head, but my teeth feel stronger and WHITER after an 🍎)

These are just a few beneficial points I’ve encountered…BUT WAIT, THERE’s MORE

  • Delicious

*Apples are the best, they are the main component of America’s Favorite Dessert..Apple Pie -duh- served warm with ice cream 🤤

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